Art and flower in Kamegawa. #1 花と芸術の掛川 (その1)



My wife and I visited Kakagawa area, again. June is supposed to be a rainy season for most of mainland Japan. However, it turned out to be a not too hot and not to cold, unexpectedly pleasant two days trip.


It is about hour and half drive by Tomei-highway from our home. And, the traffic was sparse, the drive in the morning was comfortable.


Photo provided by Unasuke.
I had decided to eat eels for lunch, and the restaurant I chose was "Unasuke" specialized in the eel food. There is a reason why I chose the place even though there are many famous eel restaurants in the area. It is that we had eaten there a few years ago. At that time, it was around three o'clock. We looked for any open eel restaurant by driving around among we found googling. I think we visited three or four closed ones before we found Unasuke that was open and welcomed us. Of course, the taste had been and was fabulous.


Actually, since we arrived at Unasuke a little earlier than planned, ignoring the landlady's invitation that it was welcome to start lunch as the tables are empty, we reserved a table and drove away to look around. We walked towards Kakegawa castle partially built and once lived by Kazutoyo Yamanouchi. As time was limited, we did not enter the tower, but viewed from Sakagawa river the banks were covered by a whole lot of colourful lilies.


Near the bridge to the castle, there is a shop and restaurant "Kodowarippa". We bought some green tea famous in the area.


Photo provided by Shiseido.

Before we went back to Unasuke and started our lunch, there had been several customers already sitting and more and more came in after that. We were glad that we had reserved a table. The eel lunch was great as I mentioned, and after enjoying remaining taste of eel in our mouths, we left for Shiseido Art House in the same city. It is a gallery managed by Shiseido, and we enjoyed an exhibition of Japanese painting that is held until July 3.



Photo provided by Yamaha.

Photo provided by Yamaha.

The hotel we stayed the night was "Katsuragi Kitanomaru" managed by Yamaha corporation. It was built next to a golf course managed by also Yamaha. The hotel has a big garden most of it is a walkway through a forest. We can enjoy full of nature.

Taking outdoor bath, and enjoying dinner and sake, I fell asleep hours earlier than usual.