染めてみた Dyeing

I tried to dye my white muffler with mulberry last year since it got old and stain got noticeable.  It was not very successful.  I did without any knowledge then, and I think the amount of berries was too little and the time of dyeing was too short. The season was a little late, so I was not able to collect enough berries.

I was determined to do it again this year.


The muffler dyed is the one on the right.  Just a little browner.The left one is my scurf that I don't like the color very much.  I decided to dye this year at the same time.

過去数日間500ccペットボトルが一杯になるまで桑の実を集めた。次にネットで幾つかのサイトを調査。"Natural voyage journal"と "工房さくらいろのいえ・流 草木の染め入門" というのは大いに参考になった。
Last couple of days, I collected the berries until I get my 500cc PET bottle filled with berries.  Next, investigated several sites on the net.
"Natural voyage journal", and "工房さくらいろのいえ・流 草木の染め入門" were very helpful.

I started boiling berries.  Last year I just crashed berries in water.  One step advanced.

Next prepared fixing solution.  I used alums the same as last year.
Mixed with water in a bucket to get 3% solution.

After boiling berries about thirty minutes, I soaked the muffler in the solution for twenty minutes.

Next, wash it with the fixing solution.  It turned blue, surprising.  After several minutes I washed in fresh water and spin dried.

I repeated the process three times for the muffler and the scurf.

My muffler.
after the first dyeingafter the second dyeingafter the third dyeing
My scurf.
After the first dyeing After the second dyeing After the third dyeing

Not so bad, huh?


Before I forget 忘れぬうちに

I changed my cell phone in April.  There are several reasons for that.  One is to make fee cheaper by choosing a cheap provider.  The second is my old phone had so small memory that often warned there was too little available memory.  The third is to let me use a foreign country SIM card when I travel overseas to stop paying for expensive roaming fee to the Japanese provider.

It was my first trial when we went to Hawaii in May that I tried a foreign country SIM card.  At that time it was ATT Gophone.

It was easier to contract than I imagined.  Right after we arrived at our first destination Maui island, we headed to the ATT office near the airport.

It was in one of the shopping malls.  I was a little disoriented since it was just after long flight with five hour jet lag, and explored almost all mall streets until when I found the AT&T shop. A young lady and a gentleman politely opened the glass entrance door for me, and I let them know I want to buy Gophone contract.  It was easy process that the girl asked me several questions and I answered them, until she replaced the SIM and had me restart my phone.

All the sudden, my phone started to ring big alarm and repeat yelling "This phone is stolen...." I did not understand what happened for seconds, but I remembered that I installed Avast phone protection software and activated thieves protection.  The software remembered the original SIM and got alarmed when we installed a different SIM, i.e. ATT SIM. The girl taking care of me was also surprised and I had to explain what is happening.  She looked to understand the situation, and suggested to remove the software.  The good thing about the software, not so convenient at this kind of occasion, is it cannot be disabled by my phone but from the one that I assigned when activated the software, the phone of my wife that was waiting for me in the car at the parking lot.  I paid for the SIM to make her happy, and went back to the car.  I had forgotten the procedure to stop the software, and I cannot use my phone to examine the internet.  So, it was after we arrived at the condo we stayed for several days and accessed the Avast site using Wi-fi fortunately available at the condo.

It was 'EASY' process just send SMS of password and command message from the phone of my wife to mine.  I tried a SMS with uncertain password and command, and powered on my phone while being afraid that international SMS could be recognized as a message from my wife.  It started yelling again in a max volume, "This phone was stolen..."  I powered it off in a panic since I was afraid somebody next door or neighbor might call the management center or police in the even worse case. I studied the Avast site thoroughly several times and found out an more certain way to stop the software  for several hours.  Then, I tried to power on my phone in the car at the parking lot when the SMS worked finally.

携帯とSIMはとても良い使い心地で、日本からレンタルする携帯なんかよりずっと快適であった。4Gのネットにほとんどリミットレスにアクセスできたので速度も十分。使ったのはほとんど日本で準備しておいたGoogle maps。契約は1.5Gbyteで$45。結局10日で使ったのはたった0.2Gbyte。面白かったけど、次からは一寸再検討が必要かと思った。
My phone and SIM worked very good, much better than one of the rental phones.  More than sufficient speed as I could have almost limitless access through 4G net. I used the ATT net mostly for examining google maps that I prepared for the trip in Japan.  I made the contract of 1.5 Gbyte with $45.  After all I only used 0.2 Gbyte in ten days.  It was interesting experience, but now I am thinking I should re-plan this nest time.


なくした Lost

After all this time, I noticed that I left my portable hard disk drive and my battery charger at the condo we stayed in Maui.
The drive was used as a second back up storage for the pictures taken during my travels.  I thought of buying a new one, but since I have several SD disks, I came to the conclusion that I can do without a back up hard drive.
However, I need a charger to charge many rechargeable batteries that I have. The charger was for charging rechargeable AAA batteries.

I ordered one at amazon yesterday.

Now it arrived.

I noticed while I was choosing a proper one.  Panasonic bought SANYO ENELOOP business, however they seem to encourage their own product ELOLTA.  Did they just try to kill their competitors?