ドロジュンも夢の夢 Game of tag


This garden is very close to the junior-high and high school we went. So, I have visited here many times. It was free to enter fifty years ago. Of course the garden was not maintained as now. There was no water in the stream and the trees grew as much as they liked.
Now, it is one of the places you must visit in Nagoya as a well maintained beautiful garden. Today, there were many sightseeing bus, and the place was populated with many guests.


The garden has many features, but among them there is a cherry flower blooming in this season.
The name of the tree is Kobukuzakura, a kind of Prunus. It is explained that it blooms in this season and in early spring.

Naturally, colored leaves were beautiful.

 Sasanquas were at their best.

A couple were having pictured for their wedding.

They would never imagine that fifty years ago in this garden rascals were playing Dorojun - a kind of tag game.


そら sky


My wife and I visited one of our neighbors to see Sora - in Japanese it means "sky". He is ten month old cat, and we know him since she is just a baby.

Now, he looks like an adult.

Yet, when I poke my hand, he reacts as a young cat. lol

Even behind a curtain...

She also enjoy capturing the strap of my camera.

But, when two feet are poked, she cannot decide which to jump to.

Loves my leg, too.

Meanwhile at our home, our dog is just sleeping while trying to sniff something delicious.


親父驚く鹿威し Surprised at Shishiodoshi


Shishiodoshi is a general name for devices used to intimidate and drive away agriculture-damaging birds and animals. Especially, it means a bamboo tube rotated by pouring water that clacks against a stone. The picture below is from Wikipedia.
I will go back to Shishiodoshi later.

Yesterday, I went to Higashiyama Botanical Garden. The last time going there by subway was probably about 50 years ago. Anyway, yesterday I wanted to watch night illumination of colored leaves.

When I arrived, it was still bright. I entered the Higashiyama Zoo nearer to the subway station, and walked through it to the botanical garden.

A pond in the zoo.

When I arrived at the botanical garden, it sun went lower.

As it got chilly and when I was drinking hot coffee while waiting for the illumination, I was surprised at the sound of Shishiodoshi. That was the title of this article.

The illumination started from five PM. It started right on time in typical Japanese style.

Going out of the botanical garden, on the way to the subway station, a side of the road was decorated.

This was a decoration at a shopping mall next to the station.

Have a Merry Christmas!


ライトかダークか? Light or Dark?


From a few days ago, I started to use a software called Darktable pretty seriously. Darktable is an open software to edit camera raw photo data. Until then I had been using Adobe Lightroom mostly for the same purpose.

Of course, I know Adobe software are very handy to edit pictures or photos even a beginner like me. However, I have to pay for newer versions every now and then. And, they are not so small amounts at all. The reasons that I have to go to newer versions are, first to obtain better functionalities, second and this is more serious to be compatible with newer OS and cameras.

最初にダークテーブルを試したのは数ヶ月前、私の持っているライトルームのバージョンがその時無料トライアルに当選したフジのX-T10に適合しないと知ったときでした。私は新しいバージョンを買うか何かフリーソフトを探すかを迫られました。同じようなことでは、私はAdobeのPhotoshopと似た機能のGIMPという画像編集のオープンソフトを使ってきました。その前はPhotoshop EXという廉価版Photoshopを使っていたのです。GIMPは始めは慣れるのが大変で深刻なバグもありました。しかし、最近はGIMPで困ることはほとんどなくなりました。だから、カメラ・ロゥ編集オープン・ソフトもあるかもしれないと思ったのです。
I first tried Darktable a few month ago, when I found out my Adobe Lightroom version is not compatible with a Fuji X-T10 camera that I was awarded a free trial at that time. I was challenged to buy a newer version or find something free. Similarly, I have already been using GIMP that is a picture editing open software similar to Adobe Photoshop. Before that I was using Photoshop EX that is a poor mans Photoshop. It was somewhat hard to get used to GIMP in the beginning and had some serious bugs. Now, however, I rarely feel troubled with GIMP. So, I thought there might be a camera raw editing open software.

It was easy to find Darktable after google search and check of several comments of users. It was not so easy to use, however. Although the basic functions are same with Lightroom, but the flow of the use, the human interface and the terminologies are far different. And the worst was that it was very much slower than the Lightroom. So after I tried it for the X-T10 data, I thought I'd better pay Adobe for a newer version, and I left there for a few months.

Recently, I updated my Mac OS to Sierra, and found out the overall performance was noticeably improved. I also noticed the newer version of Darktable was released. So, thought it might become faster, and decided to give it a try, again.

期待通り、以前よりずっと速くなっていました。そして、真面目に使って、マニュアルも読んで、やりたいことをするためにどう使えばいいかも判ってきました。まだ、幾つかの機能はライトルームより遅いのですが、幾つか、例えばインポート・エクスポートはライトルームより速いのです! どうせ、ライトルームの一部の機能しか使っていないのですから、ダークテーブルの全てを知る必要もないのです。
As expected, it worked much faster than before. And, as I use it seriously reading the manual, I got to know the way to handle to get expected results. Still some functions are slower than Lightroom, but some others like inporting and exporting are faster! Anyway, as I have been using limited functions of Lightroom, I don't need to know all the functions of Darktable, either.

Some operations were hard to find with Darktable and still I am exploring. Also, I have some operations that I like better with Lightroom, but there are workarounds. One examples is wartermarking. I found out the way to add watermark, but every time I add a watermark I still adjust parameters while with Lightroom I can set up a preset.

I finished editing a 2017 new years cards' design with Darktable and GIMP. The design won't be released until the new years day, though.

Now, I feel more confident about saying one more good-bye to Adobe.

アルパとカレーとモミジと団子 Arpa, curry, maple, and dumpling

I did not know about "Yokiso" villa until about a month ago. Looking at the website, I was reminded "Former Furukawa garden" in Tokyo. I was waiting for a good chance when I knew there will be an Arpa concert there. Yesterday was the day.

The concert was held in the basement of "Choushoukaku" house in the villa. It is said the room was used to be a ball room. The room was almost full with audiences waiting for the concert when I arrived there fifteen minutes before it started.

As we are warned not to publish pictures of concert unfortunately, I cannot post them here. I don't think I have heard of Arpa before. The player Yoko Okumura explained for us that it looks like a smaller harp and most popular in Paraguay.  So sometimes it is called as Paraguayan harp. Despite the size of the instrument, it sound much larger than I imagined. It was a fantastic concert. The accompanying electric organ player Manabu Yachi is also perfect match with Arpa music.

After the concert I had lunch at the cafe on the ground floor of the same house. I had vegetable curry rice. 

Don't touch! The columns are gold plated, the warning said.
The ceiling looks great, too.

I went around in the house after lunch. This is a view from the upstairs.

Looking at the house from near entrance.

Now, "Yokiso" was divided into two parts. I visited the northern garden later.

On the way back to the subway station, I found an interesting cafe.

I had a skewer of dumplings and a bowl of powdered green tea there.

It was another fine day.


白鳥庭園 Swan Garden


It was more than several years ago that I visited the Swan Garden previously. My wife and I visited there for watching lighting up of colored leaves at that time. Yesterday, I visited there for Yose along with watching color leaves. Features of the day was Rakugo and Kohdan.


The stories played were "The vengeance of forty seven worriers" and "Historic story of Nagoya castle construction" by Rinrin Kyokudo, also "A story of Nagoya subway" by Fukuzo Kaminarimon. I don't remember the titles of the stories, so I named it as I wish.


As the stories were all about something that I am familiar with, and the enthusiastic young players were attractive, the one hour had passed really fast.

After the Yose, I strolled in the garden. Maple trees there showed splendid colors.

Together with colorful carps in the pond.

As I got over sixty-five years over, Nagoya city that is operating this garden charges me just 100 yen, more than that a yearly pass is 400 yen. Of course I bought a yearly pass. This will be one of my walking spots from now on probably once a month.

The colored leaves would get better from now on, I guess. I have to visit here again soon.