雛めぐり Doll Hunting


March 3rd is a day of Dolls in Japan. I went to see some displays of dolls in Nagoya today.

地下鉄を降りてまずしたのはランチ。この通りは何度も通りましたがこの看板に気づいたのは初めて。豆乳ラーメン、昼食限定! ここに入ろうと決めました。
What I did first after I disembarked from a subway was having lunch. I walked this street several times before, but this was the first time I noticed the sign. Ramen in soybean soup, lunch time only! I decided to try the restaurant.

They say they use local soybean and local chicken soup. Sounds nice!
The shop is a bar named MONTREUX.
The place was really a bar with a counter and several small tables and a piano. I felt I want to visit at night some day. The taste of Ramen was good, and I found several other menu that I want to try. I have to visit here several times.

After the lunch, I visited Tokugawa garden to see how are plum flowers there. It was too early unfortunately. What I found were peonies,

and adonis.

Well, some plum.

As it was during Hina doll festival, I was given a Japanese washcloth as a gift when I bought some souvenir.

The next place was Nagoya Pottery and Porcelain Center. There held a display of pottery dolls.

These are regular displays of antique porcelains.

And, dolls.

A picture including me.

There were treasures in the entrance hall.

The building was built in 1933.

The last destination was "Futabakan". It was a house of Sadayakko Kawakami, the first actress in Japan and Momosuke Fukuzawa. It was renovated to current condition after several events.

The interior is artistically designed with many stained glasses.

There held an exhibition of Dolls inviting lucks. The traditional Japanese dolls are arranged to express current lives of Japanese people.

This is showing a scene of traffic accidents investigated by policemen.

Dolls are eating soul food of Nagoya.

Dolls advertising the Higashiyama zoo.

Climbing dolls. I am not sure what they are representing.

Dolls showing the scene of  Nagoya airport.

Dolls showing travel agency counters.

Nice interior, again.

This is a plum garden just near my house. The flowers are in full.


今日の目標 Today's target


Today's target was Amur Adonis announced to have started blooming at Nagoya Agricultural Center. It is about fifteen or twenty minutes by bicycle.

After I reached the center, although I went to the garden dedicated to this flower, I got lost and wondered about ten minutes to find the location.

Yes, they are. They open their flower only in sunshine, so I was there at about ten o'clock. The location is shaded in the afternoon.



老人向けファッション Fashion for senior people


This is what I wear these few weeks. I mean a scurf. It is not just covering my neck, but it has a zippo hand warmer inside on my back to keep my back really warm. I don't remember since when, but in last four or five years, I feel bad pain from my back to my left leg when I have my body in cold.

A very good friend of mine that is a very good chiropractor told me one day to warm my back is good no matter what. When I followed as she told, it worked fast and good. So I am continuing this warming my back habit during winter. Before I started to use my hand warmer, I was using disposable hot pack every day. But, I did not like the idea of disposing hot pack every day, but I could not find a way to use my hand warmer for this purpose.

The hand warmer was bought when I was working in Tokyo, where I walked outside a lot and was much chillier than here. I had it in my pocket during winter every day.

懐炉をぶら下げるためのベルトを作ろうかと考えたのですが、裁縫は得意ではありません。ある日、妻にそのアイデアを話すと、縫うんじゃなくて安全ピンで留めたら?と言われました。そうか! そこでこのマフラーと安全ピンを使って懐炉をぶら下げるというアイデアに至ったわけです。始めに薄い綿のスカーフを使ったのですが、熱すぎる時がありました。それで、今はこの厚いマフラーを使い良くなりました、ちょっとゴツい感じではありますが。マフラーは縛ってあるわけではないので、懐炉の高さを調節することも簡単に出来ます。
I thought of making a belt to hang the hand warmer, but I am not good at sawing. Then, one day I talked about the idea to my wife and she said why didn't I think of pinning rather than sawing. Aha! That is how I came to the idea of using a scarf and pins to carry the hand warmer. First I used thin cotton one, but sometimes it was too hot. So, now I use this thicker one that is better, a bit bulky though. I can easily adjust the height of the hot point since the scarf is not tightly knotted.

To hold the muffler stable, I tie the scarf with a string of the hoodie I wear that is hard to see in the picture.

My hand warmer is one of this. I've been using this for long time, more than seven - eight years I mean. It stays hot eight - nine hours by a cup, the small cut in the picture below, of fuel. Good deal. No waste, too.

I found a matte black one. This is not bad, too.

オレンジまで!! And orange!!

Some other makers are making similar products. For example Hakukin Kairo. This is by a Japanese company.  Same concept, heat by a chemical reaction, no burning.
Actually zippo started their hand warmer since 2010, and this one since 1923. So, this should be an original one.

私の痛みを根本的に直すために、原因を知りたかったのです。心臓、骨、一体何? でも、今のところどの医者も原因を突き止めてくれません。
I have been keen to find a cause of my pain to solve fundamentally. Heart, bones, or whatever? But no doctor was able to diagnose so far.

To write this blog, I googled why I feel good when warm my back. Many explanations. One I thought reasonable is I can warm an aorta when I warm my back. Then, as aorta warmed, warmed blood goes around whole my body.

Whatever the reason, I recommend back warming if any of you have a similar symptom whatever heater you use.


節分 End of winter


Plum flowers are the sign of early spring. But, isn't it too early for Nagoya? 

It is an annual "Plum festival" held at Meijo Park Flower Plaza that is an indoor garden.

The whole view is like this. They brought in many plum trees dug with roots and displayed them. Amazing. The trees will be there from Feb. 2 to Feb.5 and go back to the ground afterward.

Small Japanese garden.

The guy were there taking pictures for a looong time occupying the space. I should make him as a good lesson for me.

And, of course there is a tea serving with nice display.

It looks like all these come from Shiratori Garden.

Looks good, tastes great.

On the way back, I recalled it is "Setsubun" today. It is the end day of winter in Japanese traditional calendar. Japanese have a custom to throw roasted soy beans to ward off evil spirits and invite good luck. At some shrines and temples, they make big stages on that monk or qualified people throw beans and people try to catch some of them to capture good luck with them. Of course, the qualification of throwing beans can be bought by money. ;-) 
Ohsu Kannon that is where I head to.

Even a dove comes to catch some of them. Maybe...

A faithful senior lady or thrifty lady is picking up dropped beans.

Fortunately, I catch two beans using my hat. 

Having said that, actually there is one more hidden in a hoodie.♡