温室と蕎麦 Greenhouse and Soba


Today is the last day in this year that the Higashiyama botanical garden is open. Unfortunately, the Higashiyama zoo has been closed because some of the birds there was found dead by the infection of the avian influenza. The will be closed for the period unpredicted.

There were few to watch in outdoor. Senryo seeds.

Please take me, blushing cheeks, seeds beg.

何分か歩いて、温室に入った。これが今日見たかった所である。中は霧が出ているか?いや私の冷えたカメラが梅雨に覆われただけである。 悪くないよな?
Walking a few minutes, I entered a conservatory. This was where I would like to visit today. It was warm inside. It was hazy inside? No, it is only my chilled camera was covered with mist. Isn't it pretty good?

梅雨を拭くやいなやまた曇ってしまう。面白い木を見つけた。サガリバナ。これは私達が今年6月に沖縄に行った時に見たかった花の木だ。その時は蕾と枯れた花を見つけただけだった。というのはこれは花が夜に咲くからである。 植物園はこの花のために夜間開場するだろうか。チェックしないといけないな。
No sooner I wiped the lens than it got foggy again. I fond as interesting tree, Barringtonia. This was a tree I wanted to see flowers of it when we visited Okinawa this past June. I only found some buds and finished flower then because it flowers at night. Will this garden open at night for this flower? I have to check.

A big fern.

One aged man like me hurriedly passed me and started taking pictures of something above him. Following him, I saw some flowers just finished hanging from some stems above. The flowers look similar to Barringtonia, but the leaves are different.

これが葉の様子である。他にももう何日も前に枯れたとみえる花がぶら下がっていた。おっさんは親切にこの花について色々説明してくれたが殆ど聞き取れなかった。 というのは補聴器を持ってこなかったのである。おっさんボイスは最も辛い。きっと彼は毎日個々に来て一番いいタイミングを狙っているのだろう。
This is the view of the leaves. There were some dead flowers that seemingly flowered more than a few days ago. The dude kindly explained about the flower that I was barely able to catch because I did not wear my hearing aid. The voice of old man is the toughest for me. Apparently he visits this place almost everyday to take pictures of the best timing.

As my camera was warm enough, I came back to the orchids.

After leaving the botanical garden. I met some brown cats. It appeared that somebody is feeding them. Approaching one, it glared at me. Maybe it thought I was trying to rob the food.


I had been planning to have lunch at a soba, buckwheat noodles, restaurant near the garden. It was about eleven o'clock. Unfortunately the restaurant I had in mind would open at half past eleven. It was cold outside. I denied an plan of waiting the restaurant to open, and headed for the another soba restaurant that I had been on my mind. It was also on my way back home. I got off the subway at the station next to the restaurant. As I approached there, the parking was just being filled by many cars in front of me. It was a good sign.

After some ten minutes, I found it is the one of the finest soba restaurant in Nagoya.